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FROM THE DIRECTOR ABOUT AUDITIONS: Auditions for the Valley Concert Chorale are simple and nothing to get nervous about!  They take no more than 15 minutes.  During this process, we will be able to determine the current range of your voice, and also your rhythm and music reading accuracy.  If you wish, you can sing a selection of your choice in any language.

Valley Concert Chorale, the Tri-Valley’s premier chorus, is always looking for experienced singers with sight-reading skills who enjoys singing exciting and challenging music.  Auditions are scheduled at the start of each semester by appointment.

Rehearsals are held at the First Presbyterian Church of Livermore. The church is located at 2020 Fifth Street, with rehearsals taking place at 7pm every Monday.
The Chorale performs a wide variety of music ranging from classical to contemporary, and folk to jazz.
To schedule an appointment, call (925) 736 9731.